About John Jay Sims

John Jay Sims empowers Christian Leaders and Ministry Executives to communicate their business & branding through media and visual art.

John Jay Sims is an entrepreneur, author, music artist and servant leader of God’s people. He faithfully serves as a deacon at his local church and on the Media, Teen and Childrens ministries.

As the CEO of a multimedia marketing firm, Digital Pro Designs, he and his team specialize in graphic, website design, hosting, logo creation, and so much more.

John’s latest book, Why You Should Wait On Marriage, is a relationship perspective that focuses on healing, wholeness, and self-development.

His latest EP-releases include “Light Verses” and “Sunday Church” and can be found on the likes of apple music, spotify, amazon and wherever you get your music.¬†

¬†Although John’s creativity is often behind the camera, he enjoys sharing inspiring videos on social media and as a guest on podcasts.¬†John enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends.